Project Updates

Business Reporting Research Project

Last Updated: May 21, 2002

This research project considered the types of information (in addition to financial statements) that companies are providing investors and the means for delivering it. An important portion of the work was done by the Board’s constituents—preparers, users, auditors, and academics. The organizational structure of the project consisted of a Steering Committee and seven working groups. Working group activities (which have now been completed) included:

  • Identifying present practices in eight industries for the voluntary disclosure of various types of information such as operating data and performance measures, forward-looking information, background about the company, and information about intangible assets that have not been recognized in the financial statements

  • Considering ways to coordinate GAAP and SEC disclosure requirements so as to eliminate redundancies and to gather all of the information about a particular topic in one place

  • Studying present systems for delivery of information electronically and considering the implications of technology for business reporting in the future.

The findings of the working groups have been considered and approved by the Steering Committee. The findings have been published in a three-volume research report that is available, at no cost, on this website. Download the Reports.

One part of the BRRP is being updated in 2002 to survey changes since 1999 in how websites communicate with investors and others interested in business reporting information.

May 21, 2002—Update of Electronic Distribution of Business Reporting Information—Survey of Business Reporting Research Information on Companies’ Internet Sites