Notice of Open Meetings

Unless otherwise announced, all meetings are held in the Board room at the FASB offices and are video or audio webcast on the FASB website and the FASB YouTube channel. If you have any questions, contact the FASB at 203 847-0700.

Scheduled Meetings
May 24
FASB Board Meeting, 9:00 a.m. EDT
  1. Agenda consultation: reporting performance and cash flows. The Board will discuss the results of staff research on the subtopics on reporting performance and cash flows in Chapter 4 of the August 2016 Invitation to Comment, Agenda Consultation. The Board also will discuss (a) potential new projects and paths forward on those subtopics and (b) what additional information the Board needs to make a future agenda decision. This discussion will be educational; no decisions are expected.
  2. Open discussion. If necessary, the Board will discuss minor issues on technical projects or administrative matters.
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June 12
Meeting with the FASB Transition Resource Group for Credit Losses, time to be determined

The transition resource group will hold a public meeting to discuss new submissions.

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Tentatively Scheduled Meetings
June 1 Small Business Advisory Committee Meeting
June 6 Investor Advisory Committee Meeting
June 7 FASB Board Meeting
June 14 FASB Board Meeting
June 15 Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council Meeting
June 21 FASB Board Meeting
June 22 Meeting with the Financial Executives International, Committee on Corporate Reporting, White Plains, NY
June 28 FASB Board Meeting