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From the Chairman's Desk

We at the FASB continue to believe that global accounting standards should be as comparable as possible—and we remain fully committed to the long-term, aspirational goal of developing global accounting standards that have the fewest possible differences.
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For the Investor: Investor Input Impacts Accounting Standards

By Marc Siegel, FASB Member

This column is intended to provide several concrete recent examples of how investor feedback helped the Board to make better cost-effective decisions in accounting standards.
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On the Horizon

In this issue we explore the Three-Year Review of the Private Company Council; and the FASB’s projects that review employer defined benefit plan disclosures, improve the presentation of net benefit costs, and develop disclosures on government assistance.
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  • From the Chairman's Desk
  • For the Investor: Investor Input Impacts Accounting Standards
  • On the Horizon

Disclosure Framework

In this video, FASB member Marc Siegel and staff provide background information and an update on the project that improves the effectiveness of disclosures in notes to financial statements.


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Spotlight On...

Short Duration Insurance: Cost and Benefits

This document summarizes how the FASB considered the expected costs and benefits of its ASU on Short Duration Insurance, and the process the FASB undertook to conclude that the expected benefits of the amendments in this ASU justify the anticipated costs.

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Meet the FASB: Daryl Buck and Hal Schroeder

In this new video series, FASB members Daryl Buck and Hal Schroeder reflect on their first terms with the FASB, and discuss what they hope to accomplish in their second term.

Career Opportunities

The FAF and the FASB are seeking bright, motivated people for their staffs to help establish and improve standards of accounting and financial reporting. By joining our teams, you will have the opportunity to make important contributions to improving the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles set by the Boards.
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FASB Alumni Testimonials

At a recent event some of our key alumni stakeholders told us about their experience at the FASB and how they use GAAP in their current roles.

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