Investor Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Financial Accounting Standards Board established the Investor Advisory Committee (IAC or the committee, formerly the ITAC) in 2007.

The IAC is a standing committee that is expected to work closely with the FASB in an advisory capacity to ensure that investor perspectives are effectively communicated to the FASB on a timely basis in connection with the development of financial accounting and reporting standards.


The FASB periodically undertakes an in-depth assessment of each of its advisory groups. In 2016, the FASB conducted an extensive review of the IAC’s objective, operations, and membership composition. That review was completed in November 2016. Based on that review, the FASB announced refinements to the Investor Advisory Committee.

IAC Nominations

Based on its review of the IAC, the FASB decided to retain the committee’s existing membership composition, which includes a mix of buy-side and sell-side investors, credit and equity firms, and ratings agencies. The FASB also plans to broaden the membership to consider those with experience in academia with significant involvement in investor-related academic research and a public or corporate pension fund.

The FASB currently is seeking nominees for new IAC members. Those interested in submitting a nomination should contact Alicia Posta, FASB assistant director, at

Additional Information

If you would like more information about the IAC, please contact:

    Alicia A. Posta
    Executive Director, FASB Advisory Groups
    Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council
    401 Merritt 7
    P.O. Box 5116
    Norwalk, CT 06856-5116

    Phone: (203) 956-5207
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