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Board Members Email Address
Russell Golden
James Kroeker
Daryl Buck
Thomas Linsmeier
Hal Schroeder
Marc Siegel
Lawrence Smith
Executive Administrative Team Leader  
Michele Kilcran
Executive Administrative Assistants  
Judy Solo
Michele Stumpf
Technical Director  
 Susan Cosper
Director - Planning and Support  
Suzanne Bielstein
Senior Advisor  
James Leisenring
Assistant Directors  
Matthew Esposito
Jeffrey Mechanick
Peter Proestakes
Cullen Walsh
Senior Investor Liaisons  
Chandy Smith
Jeffrey Brickman
Senior Project Manager  
Ronald Bossio
Rahul Gupta
Jill Switter
Danielle Zeyher
Supervising Project Managers  
Nicholas Cappiello
Alex Casas
Michael Cheng
Richard Cole
Jeffrey Gabello
Shayne Kuhaneck
Melissa Maroney
Mary Mazzella
Jenifer Wyss
Adriana Yepes
Project Managers  
Regenia Cafini
Ryan Egan
Elizabeth Gagnon
Lauren Mottley
Joy Sy
Manager of Codification Content
Debby Monroe
Mark Barton
Nick Burgmeier
Jennifer Hillenmeyer
Yasunobu Kawanishi
Sean May
Nicholas Milone
Scott Muir
Jack Pohlman
Mark Pollock
Adam Smith
Andrew Winters
Assistant Project Managers  
Ryan Carter
Lucy Cheng
Jaime Dordik
Aarika Friend
Vicki Lusniak
Lisa Muehlbauer
Melissa Nicholson
Jeremie Richer
Julie Um
Assistant Manager of Codification Content
Karen Guasp
Project Research Associates  
Chiara Gilioli
Jay Shah
Elena Titova
EITF Technical Assistant  
John Richter
Postgraduate Technical Assistants  
Jeffrey Bjorkman
Christopher Brown
Michael Cahill
Christopher Dickson
Kenneth Doherty
Kristin Floyd
Justin Gwizdala
Kelsey Jensen
Jordan Isom
Tyler Kennedy
Jane Rizzuto
Matthew Silver
Andrea Willette
Amy Winkler
Manager - Planning, Development, and Support  
Leonard Tatore
Planning & Control Manager  
Jane Gabriele
Mary Huydic
Editorial Assistants
Caitlin Gallagher
Karen Kosminoff
Patricia Lapolla
Public Reference Specialist  
Stacey Sutay
Accounting Information Assistant
Joseph Damico