Board Meetings

Board Meetings—Open meetings at which Board members discuss technical issues on agenda projects and make tentative decisions on those issues.

  • Action Alert
    Access summaries of Board decisions and notice of open meetings.  
  • Video and Audio Webcast 
    View or listen to a webcast of a meeting in progress or an archive of the most recent meetings.

  • Public Meeting Access Protocol
    Observers of public meetings must preregister no less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time for the meeting at the following link Meeting Preregistration Form. Each observer must provide his/her photo identification at the time of check-in on the meeting date. Separate preregistration is required in advance of each public meeting. Preregistered observers are admitted in so far as seating is available, on a first-come basis, with the stipulation that no more than three observers from the same organization will be seated unless there are vacancies in the gallery. Observers may not participate in the discussion. Persons planning to attend are encouraged to confirm meeting information by calling 203-847-0700. Aids for the hearing impaired are available for use at meetings. Quantity is limited. Please reserve the aids through the FASB receptionist one week in advance.
  • Joint FASB/IASB Video Conference Board Meetings
    At times the FASB and IASB will meet jointly to discuss projects in a video-conference meeting. FASB members will participate from the FASB Boardroom (IASB members will participate by video). The meeting may be observed in person in the FASB offices (preregistration is required) or through a video webcast.
  • Board Meeting Handouts
    Staff-prepared handout(s) to facilitate the audience’s understanding of the issues to be addressed at the Board meeting.   
  • Board Meeting Minutes
    Written record of who participated in the Board meeting, the decisions reached at each meeting, how each Board member voted, and any general announcements made by the Chairman. Minutes will be posted in the weeks following the Board meeting. For a short summary, see Action Alert/Summary of Decisions.