FASB's Disclosure Framework Field Study

The FASB is conducting a field study to test public and private companies’, and not-for-profit organizations’ abilities to exercise discretion over which disclosures they provide in notes to financial statements.

The FASB staff will give reporting organizations a set of guidelines. The reporting organizations will then make changes to the notes to their financial statements based on those guidelines and report their findings back to the FASB staff.

Participants also may be asked to take part in a field visit, conference call, or video conference with the FASB.

We will keep the registration information you provide secure and will use it only for field study research purposes. At no time shall we publicly attribute your responses to you or your company.

If you have any specific questions on the FASB Disclosure Framework Field Study, please contact Nick Cappiello at ntcappiello@fasb.org.

For the most recent news release on the Disclosure Framework Field Study, click here.

For more information about the Disclosure Framework Project click here.

Field Study Registration

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