From the Chairman's Desk:
Agenda Setting 101

How does an issue make it to the FASB's technical agenda? FASB Chairman Russ Golden explains it all.
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For the Investor:
Goodwill: An Investor Perspective

By Gary Buesser, FASB Member

Goodwill has been the subject of intense debate for decades. Here's how FASB Member Gary Buesser looks at it.
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Learning from Experience: Leases

By Chris Roberge, FASB Senior Project Manager

The FASB's next public roundtable will focus on leases implementation progress. What we learn, says FASB Senior Project Manager Chris Roberge, will help the Board better support stakeholders as they apply the standard, now and in the future.
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  • From the Chairman's Desk:
    Agenda Setting 101
  • For the Investor:
    Goodwill: An Investor Perspective
  • Learning from Experience: Leases

On the Horizon

What you need to know about a proposed standard to improve transparency around a not-for-profit organization's contributed nonfinancial assets (gifts-in-kind), and an upcoming standard on reference rate reform.
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Meet the New FASB Post-Doctoral Fellow

Shannon Garavaglia, FASB's 2020 post-doctoral fellow, will join the FASB staff in June.
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Video: Gifts-in-Kind

FASB Supervising Project Manager Liz Gagnon (right) joins FASB Member Sue Cosper and Assistant Director Jeff Mechanick for this snapshot of the FASB's proposal to improve how not-for-profit organizations report contributed nonfinancial assets (gifts-in-kind).
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