Additional Projects and Resources

A key objective of the FASB is to educate filers about XBRL and its many features and benefits. Included below are links to several websites that provide information and analytic tools that you may find useful in creating and using XBRL data. Additional hyperlinks may be added to this webpage periodically.

Additional Projects Using the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy

Project Sponsor Description Link
2016 Surety Work in Process Taxonomy XBRL US The purpose of the 2016 Surety Work in Process (WIP) Taxonomy is to capture information related to work-in-process on construction projects.  The WIP Taxonomy incorporates both the FASB U.S. GAAP Taxonomy and the SEC DEI Taxonomy.

Additional Resources



    • SEC Interactive Data Viewers
    • SEC Interactive Data Filings and RSS Feeds
    • SEC Information for EDGAR Filers
    • SEC Supported Taxonomies
    • SEC Staff Interpretations and FAQs
    • SEC EDGAR Filer Manual
SEC Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations
SEC Staff Observations from Review of Interactive Data Financial Statements


XBRL US Tools and Data
XBRL US Data Quality Committee
XBRL Consistency Suite

Arelle Open Source XBRL Platform
BlueMatrix - Researchware
CoreFiling - Magnify
Fujitsu Interstage XWand
SQLPower - XBRL Power Suite
US Public Company Financial Repository
XBRL Analyst
XBRL Cloud
XBRL to XL (Sector3)