Leases (Topic 842): Lease Modifications (removed from agenda June 22, 2022)


The objective of this project was to consider whether targeted improvements to Topic 842, Leases, related to lease modification accounting are warranted.


As part of its post-implementation review efforts, the FASB continues to actively engage with stakeholders to monitor the implementation of Topic 842, Leases. Additionally, the FASB periodically receives formal agenda requests that identify implementation issues that could be improved through standard setting. This project was added to the Board’s technical agenda in response to stakeholder feedback that indicated that improvements were warranted in relation to this issue.

Final Project Update:

During the June 22, 2022 Board meeting, the Board discussed feedback on the lease modification accounting project and other feedback on Topic 842, Leases, from the 2021 Invitation to Comment, Agenda Consultation. On the basis of research performed and feedback received to date, the Board decided to remove the project from its technical agenda. The Board directed the staff to continue to monitor the ongoing application of the lease modification requirements in Topic 842 and other issues raised as part of the Board’s ongoing post-implementation review efforts.