Questions submitted to the TRG should meet the following criteria:
  1. The question is a potential implementation issue related to the new guidance.
  2. The implementation issue is not addressed by the new guidance or there is a lack of clarity in the new guidance.
  3. The potential implementation issue is expected to be pervasive, that is, the potential issue is expected to be relevant to a wide group of stakeholders. A description of why the issue is expected to be pervasive should be included with each submission.


Once you have determined that your question meets the criteria for submission, please complete the submission form and email it to In addition to the form, attachments (such as memos) may be included with the submission.

Submitted forms will remain private. However, the issues raised in the forms may be discussed in public without the identification of the submitter’s name. Although the submission forms will remain private, please do not include any confidential information in your submission.


If your implementation issue does not meet the criteria above for submission to the TRG or if you have other technical accounting questions, please submit your issue using the FASB’s Technical Inquiry Service.