Small Business Advisory Committee (SBAC)

Committee Chair

Ms. Alicia A. Posta
FASB Assistant Director

Members As of April 2021

Mr. Gary Bachman
Chief Financial Officer
GQG Partners

Mr. Rick Day
Partner, National Director of Accounting

Ms. Jessica R. Doran
Chief Financial Officer
Pzena Investment Management

Mr. Richard E. Forrestel
Cold Spring Construction

Mr. David Gonzales
Vice President – Senior Accounting Analyst
Moody's Investors Service

Mr. K. Scott Gray
Chief Financial Officer
Twin Peaks Restaurants

Mr. David W. Hinshaw
Managing Partner, Professional Standards Group
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Mr. Dominick Kerr
Partner, Global Accounting Standards & Professional Practice
Connor Group

Mr. Greg Kowieski
Moss Adams LLP

Mr. Ryan LaFond
Partner and Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Algert Global

Mr. Christopher Lafond
Chief Financial Officer
Insurity, Inc.

Mr. Geoffrey R. Morgan
Croke Fairchild Morgan & Beres

Mr. Michael J. Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Planters First Bank

Mr. James A. Rotherham
Audit Partner
Baker Tilly US, LLP

Mr. Jonathan C. Tomazic
Marcum LLP

Mr. Robert B. Vogt
Partner, Professional Practice Group
Ernst & Young LLP